Just like the wind

As the wind blows
knowing not where it goes
without a care
just letting loose
Doth it ever ask, where it may go
I too pray my lord
to float likewise
in heavens unknown
where they do not stop
the wind in it’s mighty march
and where I may meet
whosoever I like
without having to tell the world
just like the wind

Like the other day ,it hissed
in my ear that I am growing old-
a fear gripping me -of growing old ,
It could’ve blown away
without coming my way
but it obliged
long before it grew in rage
to turn into a hurricane
miles off me ,to return
with a gentle smile
I pray my lord to be like the wind
to warn and do my bit
again to be young, to return
just like the wind…

8 thoughts on “Just like the wind

    1. Lokesh Roy

      Thanks Mr Vijay for the kind words.In fact, we inspire each other many a time without letting the wind come our way.

    1. Lokesh Roy

      Obliged as always to you Sir, for honing my skill with your constant feedback like a friend, philosopher and guide.


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