Time is a chameleon

A ‘winged chariot’ winging its way out of reach.
“Catch me if you can”, it chortles a malicious goodbye
Hurling a Parthian shot.
“See, I did not wait, I am quick, you know.
You, alas, were slow.”
“Seize the day,” it says.
But alas, before you can do it
It vanishes, leaving you in a daze!
Ah, how I marvel at time’s antics!

Soft like a sparrow’s feather it drifts along
Sometimes, hanging heavily
While you pray passionately for it to move.
But like a terminally ill snail, it adopts a slow pace,
Sniggering, “I am not part of some frenzied race.”

At times a vicious monolith mauling
Juvenile dreams, enjoying blood-curdling screams
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Sometimes a tad confusing, at times amusing.

Perplexed by the shenanigans of wanton time
Transfixed by a dust mote clinging onto a wind chime
I try to decipher silhouettes crawling.
Goosebumps break all over me and I cower
Hush, is that the lawn –mower?
No, it’s just the jaunty stride of Time
Humming a crippled rhyme
Waiting for my soul to grow wings
And flee into timelessness.
Ah, is it bull dozer Time that I fear
Or ‘Time’s winged chariot’ behind my back that I hear?

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