Time And Life


Time runs faster than life ,
and life is nothing but
time stretched into months
years and so on;

We, only we think,
times moves fast or slow,
actually, it is life whose movement
determines its flow.

in life, good times run fast ,
whereas bad run slow ,
surprising fact that time doesn’t, know ,
what is good , what is bad,

it is only happiness and glory
that speed up our life ,
whereas sorrows and calamities ,
slow down the pace ,

time is an invisible , silent walker,
time is punctual of time ,
time is unbeatable, unconquerable,
still we say, just killing time,

neither the life can make us sad ,
nor the time can make happy,
it is you,within you who make life
full of happiness and sorrows ,

time never blames anyone ,
hence ,we shouldn’t blame time
better if we enjoy its proper use ,
to make our life , a glorious life,

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