Till Then

just as the moon shall serenade the night
the warmth that touches your skin from its light
as it brings your heart such wonders of thought
on darkened waters, a reflecting beauty sought

the rhythm of the song that forever lingers
so sweet-sounding in everyone’s ears
singing a tune in every beat of the heart
till every minute ending, tossing time to start

from the whirling wind of the murmuring waters
hear them like a lurking song of soft whispers
drowning you into the depth of your soul
existing in your fantasy, dreams, passion, and goal

under the moonlight shall cast a shadow
the story of a legacy be told by tomorrow
till then… shall be the telltale of your glory
with the moonlight serenading, starry…starry…

(if i finish the line i will lose the rhyme, so, I’d rather request someone to sing the song starry starry nigjht…

in acrylic on canvas by suzette portes san jose

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About suzette portes san jose

Suzette Portes SanJosee is a Filipina, 62 yrs old, a widow and a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She is Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of San Carlos. She has been through her studies from being a University Scholar. She is not a literary achiever like other poets but born with her passion for writing and living in her arts. She started to write online, the year 2013. Her poetry brings about her life's journey in her pains, frustrations, betrayals and somehow a joy that found its way to her existence. An international contributor of poetry and arts... have contributed to 10 books since 2015 and 2017... and a book cover artist of 2 books for a moment. Done every poem with a painting for visuals. Doing her painting on canvas with acrylic and oil paint. also using acid-free paper for watercolor and poster paints. She also an admin to poetry groups on FB... Heart and Soul poetry USA, The Challenge USA, Feelings International Artist USA, Mohinderdeep Grewal Poetry corner Canada, Hiraya International Philippines. At her age, she had found the fulfillment of her dreams and passion and would rather choose to venture for more success in arts and literary works. She wants to convey these words, " INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE"

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    1. suzette portes san jose Post author

      thank you dear Louise… artist/poets do drift into a world where dreams have its own place and fulfillment… 🙂


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