This Last Life

This last life
Is truly worth all its due!
To live it shall I
As would a Queen,
Glowing and majestic
Feared and obeyed!

This last life
Shall be all that I shall ever have
To feel the many puzzles of Existence
As they play with all of my senses
From the most human ones
To the most spiritual ones!

Why, this last life shall be a lesson
A lesson to be used as example
For those who can hear not
The celestial music
Played from those abodes
Which only a few, deemed as fools,
Choose to believe in!

Pray, in this last life,
I shall make sure
To outlive even Earth herself
Through the words of agony
That make their best efforts
To cure my soul of the ills
That ruminate in me!

In this last life,
I shall outlive myself
Through the mysteries that I keep
Everywhere, in all that surrounds me,
As riddles which would be solved
Upon my commands!

In this last life,
I shall be sung, as the hymn of love
The hymn sung by the rest of humankind
The hymn which can turn so loud at times
That it can instantly destroy the sensitivity
Of my eardrums,
While being so soft at others,
So soft as to melt my heart
To vulnerable softness!

Why, this last life,
Is certainly not meant to be fretted for
Lived it should be
As laden with the most eccentric
Lived it should be
As accompanied with that which pleasures me
Lived it should be
As I want to!

As this last life,
Is just like a book,
Read and read, the pages turned and turned
Only to reach its last chapter, ending with
‘The End!

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