Somehow, it has ceased to matter

It has ceased to matter whether

The soap bubbles that life had me sheltered in

Kept on blowing towards the limits of existence

It has ceased to matter whether

They poked or not

Leaving me all bared and shaken

Prone to all sorts of hazards

It has ceased to matter

For I have come across the power of it all

Yes, the power that keeps Earth revolving

The power that keeps the universe stable

I have come across it

I have seen its eyes

I have seen the depth of these

And I have been swayed!

Pray, the muse of my poetic words

The muse of my microcosm

The muse in whose solace I sought for comfort

The muse of my love

The muse of all mundane and spiritual beings!

Pray, I care no more if my soap bubbles

Drift into the absurd

I care no more about anything

For my soul does nothing else

Other than thirst for more

Of the enchantment of it all!

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