Their War

Ear-shattering lullabies
And muted cries,
Smoke-veiled skies
And unsaid goodbyes –
Were yours and mine
Since we opened our eyes.

In ruins we played,
Where once people prayed
And love was portrayed,
When peace had stayed –
These are yours and mine,
The memories so frayed.

Food bags with bombs,
The roads our own tombs,
Dear lives in wombs,
Seeking refuge in roofless rooms –
This page is yours and mine,
Which drowns, drains and dooms.

I remember how you’d cried
When the bad boy had pried
Away your doll’s limb; I tried –
I gave you my doll’s; your tears dried-
This loss is yours and mine,
Your legs, my arms; hopes’ve died.

Peace smiled from afar,
Like a delusional star,
Everything that was, is now char,
Blood looks like dried tar –
That stain is yours and mine,
Our forgotten life, their celebrated war.

6 thoughts on “Their War

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Their War ” , by its very subject matter is a sombre poem. The Poet’s skill , and the hallmark of a really good poet, is to re-work and reinvigorate an otherwise too familiar theme. Sana achieves poetic renewal of the subkject matter with insight and compassion into the distressing and inhuman consequences of war.

  2. Fathima Manal

    I dont know whether i am eligible to comment on your poems because i am a newcomer in this field but yes, i really love your poems.

    1. Sana Rose

      Thanks Fathima.. Of course you are eligible to comment on any poem as long as you understand it. 🙂 and am sure you get this one. Courage is what poetry takes – to read and to write.

  3. Kamlesh Acharya

    Poignant, introspective and viewing the tragedy of war from a solemn but fresh perspective. Thank you for enriching my vision Sana. 🙂


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