The Writer Writes

If everything that I write

is everything that I am,

then all the words I’ve written

is all of me;

Words are my flesh,

and stories my breath;

I walk in dreams,

I have been to the mountain top

and have come back down;

And if those words

are all that I’ll ever be,

then those words suffice;

it is written,

it is done,

it is ineluctable,

it is immutable;

I have breathed stories,

and my words became


3 thoughts on “The Writer Writes

  1. Mehak Gupta Grover

    Beautiful. I truly believe what you write is your innerself. I have always written my thoughts. So nicely penned.

  2. Sid

    First time I read such words. I wish to claim the same dear acclaimed poet.
    Kudos to your pen. stay blessed. “And my words became flesh” Ah!!!


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