She has crossed rivers with you,
swam oceans for you,
burned her pride for you,
taken your hand,
and placed her strings in it.

She has danced for you,
danced with you,
danced in your heart,
forgetting her aching feet,
just to be that epitome you adore.

She has loved and lost,
loved yet again,
just to keep the world going,
taken pangs of existence
merely to live many a poem.

She has clambered mountains
just so you need not come down,
leaving behind yourself,
just to have you raw,
unfiltered and unadulterated.

She has spread her wings
to shade your face,
to veil its unpleasant shades,
to be your abode when the sun sets;
she has always endeavoured.

She has always endeavoured
to be what she is…

– March 8th, 2016
© Sana Rose 2016

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