The volley of folly

“Get up. Get up.”
The common sparrow chirped from the tree
With an uncommon zeal.
“Please a few more winks of sleep, let me steal.”
I pleaded.
My plea went unheeded, “do not be a lazy laggard.
Do not look so haggard
Throw away your sloth- remember , it is your day –
All Fools’ Day?
Once a fool always a fool.
Don’t fume, don’t fret, play it cool.
Come on, spring into action, and be jolly
You are not the only fool around, one more folly
Will only brighten the world!
Into the foolish world, hurl that volley of folly
Look, the world already looks jolly!”

As my doggerel merged with the sparrow’s perky song
Smiles abounded, I realized that it is not folly to be jolly
So let’s wipe those frowns , play pranks and sing along.
Forget the bard’s dictum,” Lord , what fools these mortals be”
Become a prankster , and feel free to go on a pranking spree !
For the Lord himself is a prankster,playing with sorrow and glee.

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