The Volcano

The crackles of fire
Muted to infinity
Penetrate the hollow heart.

The frozen teardrops
Are its jewels,
The billowing curtains
Adorn the camaraderie,
Concealing the fissures.

A sigh hydrates
The aridity within
Quite constantly;
The perspiration involved
Is premature,
Just not enough.

Unyielding thoughts
Engaged within,
Just to hold back.

The hopes ensconced
Are cyanotic,
Dreams malnourished…

There is only
One way out –
It’s a volcano…

– January 18th, 2016
© Sana Rose 2016

6 thoughts on “The Volcano

    1. Sana Rose Post author

      Thank you, Louis. 🙂 Quite an interesting observation of my metaphors. Not everyone gets it this way. But I would rather not explain the abstract.


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