The Unknown Trojan

The Anatolian sun shone bright
over Troy’s topless towers,
far from whose watchful gaze
you clashed with a foreign
soldier on that day;
Gleaming flashing blade thrusts
parried clashed and tore away
that stranger’s veil of immortality,
as your prowess sent him sprawling,
sprawling into Morpheus’ arms;
You made to bear away his
gilded helmet as a trophy,
it was Achilles there at your feet,
though you never even knew
as you fell into the
same forgetful sand;
your life-force soaking and blending
where later a braggart would stand,
on whose head Homer would place
his garlands of poetic praise
and save none for you;
Anonymous eidolon expiring,
you lie but cannot hear
Andromache lament nor Priam the gods berate,
as your life’s coin was spent
in unequal exchange of fate.

(an early work which I wrote around the same time as “1066 and all that”(originally “Norman Footslogger”) and “Marston Moor”,the common theme being,the participation and fate of the common soldier in what some view to be among History’s significant military encounters)

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