The Unique ‘I’



definitely, i am not you
and you are me
we are different
neither you are inferior to me
nor i am superior to you
we are unique in our own way
let our relationship flourish
on the appreciation of that unique i

look around
just impossible to find two things alike
even two things from a source may look alike but they are not exactly the same
there lies the beauty and mystery of creation, the craftsmanship of the almighty
there is always one, nothing like two
one and one makes two
but two exact ones are not possible
how can you make them combine into two?

The most intelligent cannot compare
with the dullest of the dull
both excel in their own field
and there is hardly anything to compare in between

you are socialised to look at things
in a particular way
you call someone beautiful and someone ugly and your views are shaped as per the attributes of beauty forced into your mind since childhood
you call someone good and someone bad
as per the collective conscience and the values you internalised
the window through which you look at
is the society in which you are born and groomed
the reality is you are as beautiful as good and as intelligent as anyone else

the way to a beautiful life lies
in accepting and appreciating the reality that we are unique and different in our own way
our unique difference is to make us
complement and supplement
and interdependent to meet each others
need and requirement

we will remain unique
till at a different level, we meet
and become one where remains
nothing except that all-pervasive unique ‘i’
the vast ocean of consciousness and bliss
wherein melt all ego and identity

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2019
All Copyrights Reserved

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