The Tree that she planted

Ah, ma you looked so fragile
sheathed in a smile stretching for a mile
Standing under the tree
you had planted years back.
You mumbled , “When I am gone ….”
I grumbled , “Why mom, why gone ? ”
“Well, everyone goes …..”
I studiously ignored her remark, admiring a rose .
“Ma smile naturally , strike a pose.”
She did my bidding and sruck a pose .
The Dahlias and the zinias ,
nastartium and the marigold too
Lifted their tiny heads to smile anew
Seven months later, she was gone
On that cold dawn
But in my camera that smile I caught
On that day hot
Now , it adorns my mantelpiece
Offering me peace
Warmth too, on nights cold.
From the photo frame she smiles and smiles
Her message , succinct and sweet
You have to go miles and miles
Before you sleep
So, I knuckle away remnants of a sleep deep
To follow that promises I have to keep .

8 thoughts on “The Tree that she planted

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Memory and reminiscence are to the fore as the author unfurls this powerfully evocative work . For me it instantaneously recalled the lines , ” I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep “.


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