The Tale of Love and I

Love was once a colourless fume

Flying freely in the open sky

Having enough power to drive my hand

Towards my pen

To write, lines and lines of how

I shall start to live only when I shall be merged with it!

Love then shifted into a man,

Bold and handsome,

Gentle and tender,

Awaking in me, fiery volcanoes

And colossal tsunamis

Making of me, in this process,

Reveal to the world,

The Goddess that I am

Fallen and having chosen to live

Hidden behind the facet of a boring human!

Why, Love, though, chose to turn his gaze away

For the traps of maya’s illusions are so strong,

As to stop the course of Fate

Wishing solely to see souls, like Love’s and I,

Drown in its endlessly vicious cycle of meaninglessness!

Pray, awakened and guided,

I can only choose to remain that which I was,

A poisonous plant dwelling in swamps,

Ready to cause those dumb enough as to approach me

To perish in most painful ways!

Shall I surge forth

When with those pure drops of mysticism

Shall Love choose to dress himself

Awakened and responding to the pulls of Fate

Desirous to swallow my lava flows

And to assuage my raging tsunamis!

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