The Silence

The silence is
Malignantly comfortable,
As each sand grain
Takes its place
As the wind whips
Against my face
And makes my heart
Take a somersault…

Simple acceptance
Has its own way
Of hurting the center
Of your existence.

I didn’t know that
Until you were made to
Pass by without a glance
That you ached to
Throw my way…

Little beads of moments,
Little pearls of tears,
Little dews of sweat
And tiny specks of fears,
Donned with uncertainty –
All have frozen to form
The petals that remain
Of the drowning rose.

Swirls of smoky fog
Veil those eyes that once
Failed to look away from you ~
Not because they can’t
Condense and liquify the pains,
But because they refuse to,
Just so the malignantly comfortable
Silence continues…

~November 27th, 2012
~ sana rose~

5 thoughts on “The Silence

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The phrase ” malignantly comfortable ” has a sharply piercing disquiet about it. Almost Freudian in fact. Seperation ,the feeling of betrayal and disillusionment are difficult topics dealt with consummate poetic ease and savoir-faire in this deceptive work.


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