The sheep year

Can I glue the buildings back
Can I stitch together chunks of land
Can I erase the horrific nightmare
Can I lift the tonnes of snow or rubble that pressed the death in their bones
Can I sew wounds and bring life in feeble children’s bodies

The tower is down
The temple is down
Your temple, Everest shook his coat
As a revenge ?
As a punishment ?
As a warning ?
The carbon print might turn to be
Our main sin
Or is it the sheep year who took its toll ?

4 thoughts on “The sheep year

  1. Sarala Ramkamal

    we can say for everything there is a reason .. but words really fail to express anything more.. tried well

  2. Maya Dev

    When tragedy strikes queries like these leave us painfully silent and the helpless pleas shed few tears as answers…A sensitive write ….Luliia..


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