The Scent of Your Love

I’ll anoint my body
With the scent of your love
If so has been willed by the skies!

I’ll shed off everything else
That I was meaninglessly clinging on to
Which was shielding your fragrance
From my essence
Solely to rejoice
Of how ecstatic it feels
To be beheld in your gaze,
So dark and deep
That glancing at you
Feels like taking a trip
Down through a galactic alley!

I’ll rub my whole self
With that same scent
As only such will allow me
Strength to carry on with my days
In a world which did not expect
To see us passing by
As, the powers deciding upon our fates
Had not anticipated that
The dark ages might be the testing ground
For the love that binds us together!

Your scent
Has been keeping me musing
Ever since the higher realms
Have allowed me clouds
To dip my fingers in
And to write of our love
As it has been willed
By themselves!

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