The return of unconquerable spirit

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The place is like an estuary vandalized
Where once the peaceful river of life
And the fiery sea of human greed met
In that cartography, between the dreams
Unfolds continents of real-life-miseries
Inside the blue-sheet tent she sits stone-like
With a docile brain, trained to cease thinking
Staring at the young man – fair and tall, who
Stands with his eyes on her pale boney face
Where life remains with its broken ribs
As if in a flash back scenes started playing;

– – – – The thud of thundering missiles
– – – – She hugs the 7 year old boy to her bosom
– – – – Covering him with her body
– – – – The walls and roof collapse
– – – – From under the debris she struggles
– – – – Somehow reaches the open
– – – – Some people come, pat the dust off them
– – – – Days without eating, under the sun and moon
– – – – A truck load of them get transported to the border
– – – – She hands the boy to her sister and yell “go and live”
– – – – She turned to her man, groaning , wounded
– – – – The boy struggled to reach her but the soldier pushes

The scenes end and the boy yells “Maaaaaa”
A glint of life crossed her face – “Ma”
She looked at the skeletal form sitting near her
They were yoked on a same electric pulse
Yore in the west, through the low opening of the tent
The sun radiated a golden smile
Now even the death is welcome
And she smiled, the father too
After the unflinching wait of so long years
The unconquerable spirit smiled in them



10 thoughts on “The return of unconquerable spirit

  1. VijayNair

    Shockingly true pictures of suffering. However,at the end,there is”the return of the unconquerable spirit’.Splendid !

  2. VijayNair

    Incisive images contribute to the delineation of human suffering However,at the end,there is”the return of the unconquerable spirit’.Splendid !


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