The Puppet – 6

The sixth in ‘The Puppet’ series…


Our days should have ended
Back then when the strings started

Then there would not be
An unexpected fall in sense;
No tears… 

And the break would have been
Easier – tough but still clean;
No loose ends… 

The fibres wouldn’t stick out, 
The remnants would’ve been none;
No need for shows… 

Expectations wouldn’t be heavy, 
Like my wooden heart or
Your stealthy hands… 

Only the wisps of dusts from the break
And the memorable shows would last, 
My puppeteer! 

Unkeepable promises wouldn’t be
A matter in the box; all I should do is

May 14th, 2014
© Sana Rose 2014

3 thoughts on “The Puppet – 6

  1. Sana Rose

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on the sixth one too. I was almost afraid the series had stopped but then life has a way of evolving itself, and into poetry too. 🙂


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