The Promised Oasis (Songs of Motherhood – 2)

Fear grips my heart

When your dimpled knuckles

Grip the window bars;

You are taking a glance at

The wonders outside.


And darling, that’s the first step ~

Let me hold you for now

While you pull yourself up

To your tiny-toed feet,

For, once you step out,

There’s no coming back.


Life runs forward, so will you;

That’s what I want for you,

A fearless proceeding.

And yet, here I am, nervously

Watching you try against gravity.


Here I am, cherishing the moment

You discovered raindrops

From nowhere, rippling puddles.

Here, I stay still, while your eyes

Wander in endless wonder,

Seeking passions beyond my arms.


But a nest is a nest, always;

A promise always a promise…

Home is where you would curl up

When the world hurts you;

Yes, that’s inevitable, but fret not ~

Here, I am yet again, arms open…


I am the oasis you’ll always find

In the endless deserts of life.


– May 26th, 2015

© Sana Rose 2015

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