The ‘Pretentious’ Mask

Pretending to be pretentious someone
wearing a mask of subtleness and gratitude
still inside that shade of guile
carrying the existence of
grins and lies.

Never caring enough for the people
rejoicing the false bombastic ego
living surpass the fragile emotions
moulding the rhythm and
caricature of demotion.

When I think of such crooked mania
my blood gets a boil
to see those concealed faces
charming away with their persona
in the realm of races.

Still, the mask is on
on those smirked faces
with the blues in horrowness
still, I smile to hide my sadness
and, wear a mask of happiness.

When the will of the god will be strong
reality will be seen at a much higher degree
the torn jubilation and unhappy soul
the bleeding eyes and hurtled mind
will all be in place
to the soothing eyes.

Once and for all, this mask has to go
for how long and how deep
the visibility ashore
understanding the meaning of life once more
pretentiousness is mere existence of abhor
Still, wave you off my mind and soul
the mask has to go, once and for all.

© Mehak Gupta Grover

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About Mehak Gupta Grover

Mehak Gupta Grover (LLb), is the author of the book - THE HUMANE QUEST(volume-1& 2), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY. She is born and brought up in Jammu and settled in Chandigarh. She has a bachelor's degree in Law. She has been bestowed with '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award and Women Of Influence Award 2019. Since childhood, her inclination towards ethical grounds has been in high spirits. She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. 'The Humane Quest' is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the string Indian values which are lacking in the present times. "Shame goes down the nerve On seeing inhumanity still rules Humans need to act like humans To make the world bloom"

2 thoughts on “The ‘Pretentious’ Mask

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The opening stanza,
    “Pretending to be pretentious someone
    wearing a mask of subtleness…”
    nails the reader’s attention to the spot with an engagingly acerbic tone throughout.


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