The prejudiced grip.

A check, a cross or a band of cunning cops
What’s that standing and posing upright?
Casting shadows, grim and faint…..
In my paths of serene solidarity..…….?
Why am I pushed back?
And shunted
By an unseen force……..?

A prejudiced shrewdness
Seems to echo from nowhere,
Just to gulp my very existence.
Nay…! It’s my catch!
You would better grab not –

How serenely I had built up
Fineries in my deeds and dealings!
Now crushed and crackled
By an unexpected engine hand……!

Yes, I do grudge apologies
To my inner self, that
I could have foreseen
The things change colors often
And a man’s moods
Would change the entropy
Over turning and grounding
What comes his way !
Where the self is the only beneficiary!

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Born on first Nov 1959 in Mumbai, INDIA. Had the schooling at Mumbai & graduated in Physics from Calicut University in Kerala. Married to M Ravindran. We have 2 boys , the elder is Lt. Commdr in Indian Navy & the younger boy is doing his MS ( Aero space) at IIT Chennai,India. I am working as a MATH Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya since 1980. I write poems in Malayalam, English & Hindi. Published a malayalam Poem collection "JWALA" in 2009. Many of my poems have been published in journals.

6 thoughts on “The prejudiced grip.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” The prejudiced grip ” , conveys a mood of anxiety and uncertainty.It’s narrative appears to throw the casual reader into the midst an unruly crowd. The lines , ” a band of cunning cops ” and subsequent references to ,push,shunted and force reinforce the initial,visceral impressions.

  2. GEETHA RAVINDRAN Post author

    Certainly Louis, Often we get into such frustrations in life realizing that we are being tricked ,caught tightened in an unfamiliar grip. This causes one to worry about the prejudiced attitudes of someone. … A poet certainly has a way to retaliate through his/her verses. Thank you for the right observation.

  3. ramesh rai

    a very natural write. in our daily’s life and i think most of us are thinking for being deprived ,crushed or pushed back which leads him/her to frustration. certainly a poet has the right to retaliate through his/her verses. but as a poet should always be optimistic n should enlighten the light of new hope. in Gita Lord Krishna has also narrated about self beneficiary but also has emphasized on social revolution to change the scenario. you have choosen a good topic which needs more pleading n b continued for your next verse. i like to share it with fb seeking comment. thank you so much for sharing


    Thank you Ramesh Rai for your observation & good thoughts. I do keep optimistic approach in my poems, here too offering apologies to the inner self that couldn’t recognize those forces which I could simply over come had I been aware of it.

  5. ramesh rai

    thank you Hon’ble Poetess Geetha Ravindran for your kind appreciation. i have already shared this poem wiith my fb page.but afterall your write can not be denied.


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