The Potency of our mind

Dear World
I yearn for my magic wand,
Left and lost somewhere on the many alleys
That I undertook while coming to this world!

Had I been able to wiggle it and mutter some spells
In a language known to me solely, you can be sure, that
Days would have been enjoyed merely for being sunny
While nights would have had in them, the comfort
That babies receive while they are held in their mothers’ bosom!

It is frightening to see how shadows
Have taken over every nook and crook of this world,
How they have forced themselves in individuals and how
They laugh at the plight of human life it is!

See those that get born with silver spoons in their mouths,
See how they get trapped in unfortunate webs
Spun by the shadows themselves,
And turn into blinded individuals living in denial
At the truth of life!

See those that get not so lucky
And have, to face,
Throughout their lives,
A solo companion, known as struggle!
See how worry creases their foreheads,
How wrinkles adorn their eyes
And hear how many times they heave out
Heavy sighs, totally submerged in their woes!

Dear World,
I have no magic wand,
Yet, I can write,
Of how potent is one have inner strength
And positive thinking in a world
Which is bent on testing us,
Right from the day we get born!

A world in which nothing belongs to us
Is not worth crying over,
Even when we have, in front of us,
Spilt milk!

Living, rather, with good intentions and
Undertaking, at all possible times, good actions,
While being dutiful to our soul’s conscience
Is the cure to the lump that we carry
Over our shoulders!

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