The Poetry Of Rights

I can write anything as my wish,
You can like or dislike my words,
I have no wonder.

You can say anything,
You can oppose me,
But rights of hugging are mine,
Kisses are also mine.

Anyone who are walking through Royal Street,
The bullets may enter to their chest,
Their bodies may fall down on the earth.

They have known what have to say
To whom and what are the words
What have to the break and build !!

Only the embellishments are changed,
They can also change their colors,
Meanings of democracy or propagandas.

Can we recognize them?
We are defeated in rims of changes
In each moments of penning.

What are written in myths,
Who can know who who have written!!
Are they gods or persons !!

Ok… let’s change the paths,
Change the pens and papers,
Write something myths of our ascendancy.

After some eons,
Our moments would turned into statue or stones.

Aswini Dash

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