The Poet and The Lark

The passionate poet sat in his study dark
Deaf to the sounds of the lilting notes of the lark.
With a DO NOT DISTURB board he sat
Feverishly writing.

Outside, the lark sang and sang with a passion intense
“Do not disturb me”, the poet said, trying to drill sense
Into the lark, serenading nature with his happy song.
“Let me script a song of peace”, pleaded he in a voice strong
Drawing the curtains tight.

The poet sat hunched
Feverishly writing.
Pouring words on paper

Outside his study
The slow, cadences of the lark
Soon became a soothing storm
Enough to turn a cynic into a die-hard romantic.
The lark was euphoric
That his song had sublimated
Into Peace.

Ardour increased, Forehead creased
The poet poured peace on pieces of paper
Outside his curtained study , the lark sang on
And on

8 thoughts on “The Poet and The Lark

  1. VijayNair

    Shelley’s skylark sang in ” profuse strains of unpremeditated art ” and it’s song was ” better than all the treasures/ that in books are found.”Santosh’s lark’s song has ”sublimated into Peace”– a peace the poet will never be able to convey through ” pieces of paper.”The lark’s song is an instance of ”unpremeditated art ”–it is a heartfelt outpouring,and. hence, genuine.Another lovely poem by Santosh.

  2. kumaara sukeja

    Her spontaneity lifts her verses to lofty heights consistently carving out a niche among poets with special talents.


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