The Painter

The sun throws light over the subject.
The fiery mountaintops
heave and roll along the river bed.
Would a brush tame the wild green bush with new paint?
Artist fills the sheets with a figure,
in all fullness sprawled across,
and the dusk sets in to empurple.

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About Rahul Aithal

I am from Mumbai, India. Composing poems gives me immense pleasure. Few poetic sites I write on are -,, and, recently Avant-Garde-Writer's Haven (on Facebook). You could browse my other writes on my private blog, I am glad to have joined this site, thanks to Louis. I hope to add value and get the group going.

7 thoughts on “The Painter

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    “The Painter”, is a well executed masterpiece-in-miniature,and a fine example of Rahul’s clear and concise style.


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