The Painter In Me

where do i start the strokes
the comfort of a tree
that shelters me
a great prologue
the tree so powerful, so secure
so comforting
then i explore around
paint a rickety track
put some grass around
some flowery shrubs sprout in random
then i looked for some company
among my fellow humans
romantic that i am
i decided to paint the rain first
breaking free from the cloud canvas
then the men ran.
helter skelter
all towards me to share my shelter
some tread with care while some trampled
my poor flowers
on the way
and as i finished to endorse this masterpiece
i looked again at me in my own canvass
i do not know
searching, doubting
was it me that came in first or
was it me that came with the crowd
where am i
still searching, hoping
that when the rain did stop
and after i erase the action
i will be back
under the comfort of the tree
thats my own
my only one….

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7 thoughts on “The Painter In Me

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This is a very engaging and evocative work.
    Together with ” looking to her eyes “, they represent two very good first post and shares on our site from our newest registered member, Ranjit Narayanan.


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