Ordeals of Odin

odin Yggdrasil

For nine long days, for nine long nights,
I hung upon that cross,
And no one came to give me bread
Or mead to quench my thirst.


On the first day I hung there
The Sun became the Moon
Although I looked upon the wood,
I could not read the runes.

On the second day Morrigan came
And told me of the war,
And how Cù Chulainn, tied to stone
Died on that western shore.

On the third day I took my spear;
But not to pierce my side.
A vision of Mìmisbrunnr came
And tears of blood I cried.

On the fourth day the temptress came
And offered dreams of bliss;
If I denied the olden ways
With false words on my lips.

On the fifth day Nidhogg hissed;
Laughed at all my pain,
And said I was a fool to stay,
There was nothing here to gain.

On the sixth day Bestla spoke
With a voice inside my head:
“Be not afraid your kindred’s’ near.
Your sacrifice is stead”.

On the seventh day the ashen roots
Of the Yggdrasil appeared
Asgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim.
I knew my time was near.

On the eight day Gagnrath came
And we spoke just like old friends,
Of times now past of times to come
Of times we both would end.

On the ninth day the clouds dispersed
And the runes rang out their rhyme.
Then I could see what was to come;
The glory and the dying.

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  1. John Christiansson

    Forgive me for my delay in replying to your kind comments, Louis and Reena….Thank you both.


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