The Nothings of Life

Life handed out to me its boons

With a smug look on its face

Choose whatever you want, it said

Choose however much you want

It’s all yours!

Liar! I blurted out

Liar!  You have nothing,

You are nothing,

At least except for pain and misery

Toils and turmoil

You have nothing to give to me

Which could bring relief to my soul!

You make yourself seem to be on oasis of peace

Yet, you are a murky swamp

Inhabited by creatures conceived by evil forces

Merely to bring despair to lost souls, like me!

Why, I won’t accept any of your boons

I prefer, rather, to live while I shall have to

By choosing the path which I deem is the right one

Hoping, by doing thus,

That I shall be able to escape from your clutches!

You are mistaken, said Life

There is nothing else besides me

Choose my boons and you shall be merry

Forsake them and forever be sorry!

Pray, the love you give is false, said I

The gifts you give wear out

The trust you give relies on gullibility

The hope you give is so fickle

The youth you give rots away

The sparkle you give dies out!

No,I refuse your boons,

Sorry I shall maybe have to be,

But my sorrow, like everything else,

Shall also last only a while!

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