The much awaited Christmas

Man’s breath was still, so was his mind,

One becomes what one thinks—–

This is the one secret, says the Upanishads.

Wisdom had been thoroughly learned

After all the kicks in each lesson

And together man conspired

For a better world.


The slumbering powers of man

Had awakened and man no longer

Worried too much, ate too much or slept too much.

He forgot what was left behind

And what was in front of him.

With right application of thoughts,

He stayed focused in the present.


All the doppelgangers and the twins were there,

Along with kin and kith,

Laughing uproriously

While children played and spoke gently

In a vibrant and engaging voice.

The champagne flutes glistened

And the stars in heaven glittered.


The beautiful sound of the trumpet was heard.

It announced the coming of Christ.


Man had prepared grounds for this landing,

The angels knew it and the saints felt it.

All the cacophony vanished

And symphony was replenished.

Men and women were all united

To  kiss Christ and move with him

Into a better world where peace and justice

And liberty would prevail with all their might.


No child would go hungry,

No traveler would go thirsty

And all the disasters and the diseases

Would disappear with the speed of lightning.


The much awaited Christmas had come.

Christ had come, Krishna had come,

So had Gods of all faiths.

The world sang the Christmas carol

In a grace and beauty unparalleled,

Unheard since the days of creation.


pramila khadun



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About pramilakhadun

I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

4 thoughts on “The much awaited Christmas

  1. VijayNair

    A poem of hope and faith ushered in by thoughts of Christ,Krishna and others,written by a master crafts(woman).Brilliant !

  2. pramila khadun

    Reading your comment, I feel humbly honored dear Vijay, it comes like a Christmas gift to me.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Sarala Ramkamal

    well crafted art for a Christmas gift … for us readers .. I wish you happy moments to your for the season. Love and Peace.


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