The Misplaced Wild


When I was a child, I asked my mother:
“Why the lion killed the rabbit in the wild”
She said: “that is the rule of the wild”
I asked: “what rule?”
She said: “the stronger will win over the other?”

Decades later:

My son asked: “why the street dog bit the cats?”
I said: “that is the rule of the wild”
He asked: “what rule?”
I said: “the stronger will win?”
He went silent

After a while:

My son asked : “why men kill other men in cities,
Even when we are not living in the wild?”
“why countries kill people in other countries?”
I told him: “countries are actually people.
People kill because they have wild growing within”

(How could I say that no more wild out there
But swallowed by human, and, those
Who were in the wild are in the zoo now)

He stared at me as if he is actually seeing
One wild animal in front of him

Probably , I am, for the coming generations,
A wild-animal-like human
Who forgot the manners of the wild
And made a world of weapons
Strength of “will” be replaced with
Smartness of using weapons
Strength of commitment and love
To the nation be replaced with
Skill to hate colour and religions

They in the wild kill only out of hunger
They who have wild in them kill out of greed

The human is now nowhere here
But animals who use weapons

Even they made the tongue a great fuel
That bone-less thing fuels all the weapons
Of the world to kill and destroy

And use “GOD” as reason and effect!

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