The mesmerizing night

I lifted my eyes up

And sighed at the sight that offered itself to me

Up there, somewhere further than the clouds

Was the moon’s crescent,

Accompanied by a single sparkling star!

I let my gaze drown in that glowing image

And enjoyed the sensation of feeling my heart open up

To let the creepers that sleep in there

Crawl to the doorstep of my soul

Knock on its door

And bid it to wake

To wake and to inhale the essence of life

The essence of the very halo that surrounds me

The essence of accepting everything

From bumps to applause

From hurting lumps to body ornaments

From uncontrollable laughter to bloody tears

From things that we shall never be able to change

To that which we can erase and paint with the colors we deem fit

Yes, to accept life and everything that makes it up!


I lifted my eyes up

Basked in the joy of this most mesmerizing sight

And let my tears flow

As heavy as they possibly could

Pray, souls it would seem, float on Earth

An Earth which itself, is compelled to be

Without having any choices

I do wonder then, if she would have still revolved

If she would have still woven her web of illusion

Had she been given a choice

Or if, like me

She would have chosen to forsake existence in this plane

To be, always and forever

By the side of the power that makes us what we are

To be, free, safe, comforted and elated!


The night, illuminated by the moon’s crescent

And its sparkling glimmer

Did engulf my soul in its radiance

Yes, it did

Meanwhile, my mortal body poured out whatever was in my heart

While bloody tears spilled out from my eyes!
















3 thoughts on “The mesmerizing night

  1. suzette portes san jose

    sometimes even the falling darkness of the night brings us deep into the lingering thoughts that fill our heart with so many emotions that dealt with our existence… seldom we fall blind, yet the soul feels… lovely write dear 🙂

  2. vatsala radhakeesoon

    That’s indeed an awesome poem, dear friend Anoucheka. Wonderful imagery! The spontaneous flow of emotions can be felt deeply .


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