The Madness Surrounding Me

The madness has invaded the whole world
I can see it on busy streets
In the eyes of focus oriented people
As they walk along towards their duty
Twisting and turning it over and over
Again in their minds
As if,
Such remained the driving force of Existence,
The center of the world,
The cause and the meaning of everything
That we can see and witness around us!

The madness has gained so much strength
That people have lowered their swords,
Faced with it,
Becoming as tiny
As ants are when faced with our palms!

See how they believe in their own microcosm
See how they rely on their senses
See how they dance, to the tunes of nothingness
As puppets do
To the pulls of their puppeteers!

Why, I wish,
I really do wish,
I could leave everything behind:
This madness and its tight grip on me
I wish I could leave it,
Running, fleeing, flying
Naked, free, liberated,
To there where it all has purpose
And there where reason is given its due!

Pray, I regret having forsaken the realm where I was
I regret having chosen to fall into Earth’s womb,
As like me,
Earth is confused,
Revolving she is, on herself,
As she has no other option!
She knows not why she has to keep revolving
She knows nothing of this power that rules her
As an obedient child,
She follows her line of duty
And like her,
I walk my path
Dilligently and submissively!

But then,
The skies do show themselves as merciful
Of the madness I do get pulled out at times
Whispered in my sleep are their words and their wills
So much that
I know, I definitely do know
That someday, somehow,
I shall be thrown a ladder to climb on to
To escape this porous and invasive mass of evolving

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