The Lies’ Tide

I have to learn to forgive

I have to learn how to love!

Just now I’ve discovered
that I lived a lie
all around me are tied up by lies…
When the bubble splashed in my face,
all my life was smeared with their crap
I am supposed to say thanks:
You were so kind that you fed me
while the lust was floating on your skins
You were so kind to learn me to say “mom”
to the wrong person in order to put my own in the ground
only by opening my mouth,
telling  stories about my new baby sister
You were so kind ….
You lied so much…
You hide so well the dirt…
In the end the lie became your truth
How not to hate me when I am the only proof ?!
I stand for: You are guilty ! You broke so many rules!
But now the time put on your faces the masque of innocence

Oh, yes, you’ve suffered, you lost a baby!
Sad! Tragic even!
The punishment comes always in our kids!
I have to learn how to forgive you
In order to learn how to love my own kid
enough not to break any law
For the first time I experience unconditional love
For the first time I am not afraid to say I love you,
thanks to my child
This very morning I’ve realised that god really loved me
simply because I’ve survived the lies’ tide

2 thoughts on “The Lies’ Tide

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” The Lies’Tide” is an exceptionally visceral and in some passages an almost emotionally overwhelming poem. It has a strong and decisive narrative drive and the explosive material is handled appropriately. The poem is replete with,at times unsettling connotations of personal and familial drama. It is from a professional poet’s point of view ,a brave work of poetry.


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