The lesson they taught me the other day

The hunger in his eyes,
The boils of labour on her hands.
They hardly get two satiating meals a day,
Yet they sleep deep and without a frown on their face.
They do backbreaking toil in the day,
and eat whatever they manage out of hard earned coins.
Yet they don’t complain much,at least not daily or regularly
And when they do…they don’t blame their destiny and howl.

Shining polished face of her competes with her jewels and dress,
but even the expensive elixir of youth can’t wipe away lines of stress.
He earns beyond his needs yet gets into useless drunken brawls,
Then there are others who use plastic cheap smiles and speak with unnecessary drawl.
They sleep a fitful sleep aided with pills,
and wake up to list of regrets and pass their day with moans.

The struggles of the ones are no less than the latter,
But it all depends how one accepts it better.

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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

3 thoughts on “The lesson they taught me the other day

  1. VijayNair

    A sensitive portrait of the underprivileged and the the difference in their mindset when contrasted with that of the well-to-do.

  2. amitapaul

    Sharply drawn contrasts between the so called haves and have nots : each group has something the other does not , and vice versa. The poem ends on an unexpectedly compassionate note even towards the rich “ have nots “


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