The Last Love Letter

I hope this letter finds you well, happy with your choices,
And that your nose is not lifted up in disgust
At this last daring move that I made, so as to make
Myself heard one last time!

I just wanted to tell you to mind not the dark clouds
That I now carry in the celestial realms of my secret garden
As I have broken the pieces of the love that I held for you,
And I have burnt them in the depths of my own solitude!

My world shall remain the same one as you had known it
I am not leaving as, I have nowhere else to go,
But I have adjusted my sails in such a way
That I no more write of love songs, or of broken hearts,
But, I play, on my instruments, music entrancing enough
To connect with the source of my inner essence!

To be honest, I am just living as would an unfeeling robot
Going on my path as would a bird, feeding myself when needed,
And unfolding my wings when I feel like it and, of course,
Making as if, you never existed, while praying, all the time
For my final release from this world which had felt like home
Only at those times I was lost in the abyss of your gaze!

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