The labour for a living

There are many “cide”s:
Suicide: killing of oneself
Homicide: killing of another person
Patricide: killing of father
Matricide: killing of mother
Fratricide: killing of sibling
Sororicide: killing of sister
Uxoricide: killing of wife
Mariticide: killing of husband
Infanticide: killing of a child
Is there any “cide” for
“killing of humanity”?
There are many “acy”s as well:
Democracy: government by the people
Autocracy: government by one man
Plutocracy: government by rich people
Bureaucracy: government by officials
Aristocracy: government by Lords/Barons
Theocracy: government by religious heads
Ohh! Ahh! There is this too
Kleptocracy: government by thieves!
There are many “science”s
Zoology: science of animals
Ornithology: science of birds
Entomology: science of insects
Meteorology: science of weather
Gastronomy: science of eating and drinking
Cosmology: study of universe
They gang-raped a young mother in a bus
And flung dead her infant child
Is there something like science of raping?
(I would certainly ask my girls to study it
That they may find a way to live here.)
I am a gourmet: eating and enjoying
The bitter truths of a woman’s life
And getting fatter every moment
Unaware of the unavailability of size XXXL
Rib-cage, for safekeeping of the heart
I am not an androphobic, nor
Have Autophobia /Ermitophobia
But I started to doubt that
I have Eleutherophobia –
“Fear of freedom “
The word freedom frightens me
Do I have it? If I have it and because of me
Having it does someone else lose it?
How much do I need it?
But the truth is that, now, I
Do not understand “what is
this freedom called for?” Or
How much do I need it
to be happy?
I have made the corrigenda
To be happy and in peace with all
But who will correct them?
Lo!, I can’t find a “God” too:
Every one has their own Beau ideal
And there are too many
But I have a penchant
For peace and happiness
I find them in the grains of silence
Which I pick from the garbage of
These chaotic world
And I tell you, this is
The hardest labour for a living:
A herculean task of all,
But not listed in the
12 Labours of Hercules
(I know the definitions are not needed as many of you already know it. But they are pointers to what disturbs me to write the poem than the one words for them. So I used few selected ones which I felt must appear here.)

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