The Kiss of Agony

The kiss of agony

The pink lips of yours are salty
The bloomed smile has dark dried wells

Yet I received your kiss with my unkissed lips
And let out a loud cry into the open air

But none cared much for it was of a new born’s
They smiled, nah laughed, loudly to each other

You hid behind the time’s gates of such moments
When it was of yours to drive me crazy

The amorous wood of life called loud
With sharp edged blinding shafts of light beaming in

I was not allowed to reject
And my garden too has many dried wells now


Sarala Ramkamal

6 thoughts on “The Kiss of Agony

  1. Maya Dev

    Very touching and poignant. I received your kiss with my unkissed lips…..such beautiful expression…Loved it Sarala..:-)


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