The Final Lockdown

A scaly dinosaur

It stalked through the land

Breaking down walls

It paced the globe

Spreading dread in its wake.

People huddled inside

Setting work stations at home.

Your own hands became

A traitor to your well being

And trust became a breach.

Wash your hands inside out

Off all yesteryear sins.

The masks you wear

To protect inner secrets

Fall off, withered pale.

Distancing you and me

From its spiky touch

Not contaminated, an island unto

One’s own self – a no man’s land

Is fast looming….

5 thoughts on “The Final Lockdown

  1. VijayNair

    Superb! Taut,introspective,analytical,evocative…a poem that speaks to our inner selves.One of your best,Madhu.

  2. amitapaul

    An insightful look at the world in the grip of the dreaded Coronavirus, this poem captures inner realities as well


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