The Departmental Cat

At times, like a stranger with a lost look

The cat strays into the department.

Tail standing on ends like a flagstaff,

Its grave philosophic look drills holes in the air.

Dappled grey body swinging gracefully

– a ramp walk.

Whiskers graze against the smooth planks of the cabin wall,

Where heads droop over the density of words in print.

Incessant clamorous mews ruffle the silence.

An inquisitive look scratch my being

– are you the same?

Only half your name of course!

But you look overfed.

Tut, tut, yes, the ‘other’ gender.

It’s beyond my ken

The strange laws of this land!

I enjoy autonomy,

I go from place to place,

Students feed me, stroke my paws;

If ever I feel hunger pangs stabbing my entrails

I just steal into the kitchen.

Yes, why do you kill a hungry man?

Wafted by the wind, his philosophy

turned into a leaf on the pages of a book

A disdainful jerk, he vanished.

Batting my eyelids

I blink.

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About Madhumathy R

Former Professor of English from Kochi, India. Holds doctoral degree in African literature; loves to read and write poems; has published poems in journals and would like to engage in discussions on literary themes.

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