The Death Dance

The poetry of rain on small screen…

The cascading water, white and foamy,

sinuous grey locks of an aging beauty.

The watching crowd speculated…

Overnight frenzied panic spread.

Inundated rivers trespassed boundaries

like thousand reptiles, water crawled

and crept, toppled down concrete edifices.

Chasms yawned, caving in land beneath the feet,

swallowing roads.

Reverberating cries filled the air

mixed with the stench of carcasses.

Whirring helicopters above

fathomless water beneath

floating away caste and creed

Unity anchored in;

A crouching back – a stepping stone

fisher folk – a demigod

At the last slow steps

of a death dance….

Sun peeped through the clouds

a tear stained face.

Residual memories bundled up

in rags, battered lives

scraped away silt from the river

and a nightmare.

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