The Christmas Bells

The Christmas bells are ringing.
Wear your pretty dress,
A smile, a song, a hug for all.
Give this day your best.

The Birthday of our Savior.
Rejoice, in deed and heart.
Angels sing in Heaven,
Dear Lord, How Great Thou Art.

Tell those you love, I love you.
Husbands kiss your wives,
and wives, be women all day long.
Glad to be alive.

Dance like no ones looking.
Sing like no one hears.
Spend time with your children,
this precious time of year.

Goodwill to men, and Peace on Earth.
The Christmas bells still ring.
Despite two thousand years or more,
Hosanna to The King


3 thoughts on “The Christmas Bells

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A pleasant entree to go alongside the other two accompanying posts , that go to make up a troika of timely topically themed treats.


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