The cake eating elephant

My dog is looking straight in my eyes

How are you today?

Still tired, still in bad shape?

You said the sun will resolve all of these

That we will take long walks in the park

We will visit our favourite gardens and trees

No, you don’t leave that damn armchair

That prison that you, yourself built around you

Every morning you make promises

Look the sun is up, we will take a long stroll today

Only the mouth is moving

I see, I can definitely see

The shroud of death coating your body

I practically smell it

Sure I pretend to be cheery

To ignore the elephant in the room

The elephant sinking in that armchair

Yes, you!

I am talking about you here!

The elephant eating cakes in this room

It is you, lady!

I am going on the hallway now

to watch the roast in the oven

No point discussing further

You’ve already been swallowed by the TV screen

8 thoughts on “The cake eating elephant

  1. amitapaul

    The roast must have progressed well under watchful canine eyes . The idiot box will be the death of us if we are not killed by smartphones first .


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