The Boy and the earthworm

The five year old, tear-streaked child
Watched with mystical astonishment
As a tiny worm slithered its way out of the mud
Tracing squiggly patterns on the rubble –strewn ground.
The sun looked down, old and bleary –eyed
Did the tiny boy merit not even a glance?
But he was not bothered
Too mesmerized by the shenanigans of the earthworm.
He sat hunched
Watched by an emaciated little cat
Ears resounding with mama’s reprimands mild.
“Come, finish your porridge, child”.
He looked around in a daze
Where was the house that his dad had built?
Ah, it had simply vanished
With his mama’s reprimands trapped inside.
He gasped as a vulture hovering overhead
Pounced on the earthworm.
He shivered, teary eyes fixed on the vultures
Droning overhead.

7 thoughts on “The Boy and the earthworm

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    Wow! Such powerful images and life-lessons woven effortlessly in this poem… I’m enriched to have read it.


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