The body is…..

The body is….

A remarkable thing happened today as I pulled myself out of my bed.

I heard a voice, as clear as a bell call out in the front of my head.

“Excuse me”.  It said. “Do you think we could have a quieter start to the day

Instead of rushing and dashing about and then going out straight away?”.

The response was immediate; my foot kicked out as if it were ready for action.

The other followed; my whole body lurched as it responded to traction.

“Come on lets go, what a day is ahead, incredibly high expectation.

I’ve been quiet all night and now is the time to go for some exhilaration”.

As soon as I felt my right arm go numb, I knew that we were in trouble.

Shaving was out but my face called out.  “Do I have to live with this stubble?”

Now the normal procedure, as my wife comes to, is for me to go and make coffee.

This morning both hands went as stiff as a board and movement?  Just like cold toffee.

I aimed for the shower, as I thought to myself, this will bring about unification.

A good long blast of the old hot and cold is bound to bring harmonisation.

At this point my head started to shake and nod with increasing vigour.

My neck went stiff, my vision blurred and my eyes got bigger and bigger.

I should have noticed the wet bathroom floor, careless this time in the morning.

Then I woke up and soon realised, I’d disturbed myself with my snoring!

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