The Ban on Straw

Reports have come to light

that Camels’ backs

have been broken

by Straw;

So, from tomorrow the government,

following expert scientific advice,

is urging all manufacturers

of straw to cease production

and all consumers of straw

to use alternative materials;

The ban on straw usage will

extend to the tubular pipes

used for drinking and all products

that might include actual straw itself;

The mortality rate amongst

herds of Camels exposed to straw

has reached pandemic proportions

and needs to be reduced;

until then:

members of the public are advised to

stay away from straw of any kind

and keep well away

from anyone using straw

or a straw.

Stay safe.

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5 thoughts on “The Ban on Straw

  1. Amita Paul

    Brilliant satire
    Particularly relevant in the context of panic responses of regulators to the present pandemic

  2. tapeshwar

    We are marred by our own of ignorance, the weight of which surpasses and we are not able to come out of its fear. You have dethroned excellently, the power of reason.


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