The Art of Poetry

The art of poetry

Tapestry of words as buds
Sprouts as Dews
Grassy blades
Talks of elements
Sometimes irony, sometimes metaphors
A poet carves the paintings
No less than Picasso
Or neither less than the music
Of beethoven
That rhymes
To some chords
As words breathes
When a poet smirks
Smiles the similies
When a poet yearns for the dearly diamond
Charming cinquains is drunked
Himalya at the Pacific
Is his senile fantasy of imagery
That rose drinks the wine
And the wine proposes the valentine
With the sonnets of wordsworth
And when a poet go insane
In his senility bosoms ‘The art of poetry ‘
As a pristine prayer to be wholly holy

4 thoughts on “The Art of Poetry

  1. Sarala Ramkamal

    The poet’s imagination is like the waves of ocean… so beautiful one.. and it is so.. they hear voice of silence.. travel in stillness.. but then only when they live that within with their own imaginations.. it makes a sense.. bring a new meaning.. a imagery is born there.. you said it beautifully

  2. pramilakhadun

    Shamsher, your imagination is so profound and you have delved deep to present to us this beautiful gem of a poem, well done.

  3. Kumaara Sukeja

    The fire rages on beyond the point of insanity…The ‘art of poetry’ poem climaxing with inimitable ‘eclat in the talented hands of the Poet will remain the eternal challenger…


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