The Almighty Divinity

The Almighty Divinity

Creator you,

Moulded figure me,

Saviour you,

Dependent on your mercy me,

Flutist you,

Listener me,

Healer you,

Permanently need of healing me.

Grace is You,

Looking forward for a gram of that grace me.

Guardian of the universe You,

Great need for protection me.

Law of Karma You,

The chastised me.

Inculcation of virtues You

Ever the learner me.

For eternity ruling You, 

My constant companion I seek in You.

Manifested in innumerable forms You,

Unfortunately, previously I did not see You.

My mundane preoccupation kept me from you.

How I wish I could have sooner known You!

Why did my selfishness distance me from You,

Hindering the realisation that everything comes from You?

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About Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

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