Thank god I had ten kids ( by Doug High )

Thank god I had ten kids

It started out, just the two of us
not knowing what the future would be,
our first was born
nine months later,
he was the first branch, on our tree.

The second came, way too soon
a girl with the cutest of grins,
a third came one year after,
ten months later
it was twins.

Ten years had, passed us by,
by now I bet you’ve guessed
our home was full
to bursting point
with joy, ten of the best.

Life wasn’t always easy,
there was always something new,
we had washing,
coming out of our ears,
always someone on the loo.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world
it was always party time,
and music
makes the world go round,
but mother nature left a sign.

A sign of what, was to come
the world was not forewarned
a virus,
we had no defence,
would bring a whole new dawn.

And now that I’m at,
the crossroads of my life,
I’ve been so blessed
with our offsprings,
and the one I call my wife.

I’m lucky, when I look outside
at people passing by
old ladies
and gentlemen
on their own, it makes me cry.

For we have a lovely doctor
and a caring nurse,
one that has a grocery shop,
a banker to save our purse,
we also have a Baker
makes us tasty pies,
and a good optician
caring for our eyes,
we also have a vet
giving good advice,
how to keep the fleas at bay
and the dreaded lice,
then there is a butcher
keeps us both well fed,
and a time served joiner
who mended our broken bed.

But don’t think it’s us
that broke that bed
no chance,
it was our youngest still at home
too enthusiastic with her dance.

Doug High.

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3 thoughts on “Thank god I had ten kids ( by Doug High )

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    The poem reflects the gaiety prevailing in big families though not without the
    … washing,
    coming out of our ears,
    always someone on the loo…


    It is one of the best poems of this wonderful platform. no praise will suffice to match the magnitude of poet’s fertile imagination and poetic artistry.


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